Is It A Good Idea To Replace Your Home Windows During COVID-19 Pandemic?

People are not used to staying at home for this many weeks in a row. While it might have been nice at the beginning to spend time with family, eat all your meals together, and play board games, families are starting to get stir crazy. At this time many homeowners occupy themselves with home improvement projects, but is it a good idea to replace your home windows during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Psychologists will tell you that having something to do will distract you from negative thoughts, calm your nerves, and make you feel more positive about the future. But what about right now? 

Is it safe to start a window replacement project now? 

Home Window replacement is considered an essential need. Leaky and drafty windows are a danger to the occupants of the house, especially if they are sick. Vizion Windows is licensed to repair leaks caused by compromised flashing around the window frames, if necessary. 

Another essential reason to replace the windows during COVID-19 pandemic is if windows don’t work properly or are a safety concern. Vizion Windows installs home replacement windows that incorporate top of the line safety features that are designed to prevent forced entry and ensure the security of the home. 

One of the top reasons to start a window replacement project now is to be ahead of the line when the pandemic is over and everybody is rushing to remodel their homes. You know that it is going to happen, and there will be long waiting times, manufacturing delays, and scheduling issues. There is a chance to avoid all of that, so give us a call at 832-483-3249. 

What Safety Procedures Do We Follow? 

People had to make adjustments to their ways of living and communicating to help prevent the spread of the virus. At Vizion Windows & Doors, we are making adjustments to the way we work. 

Here are some of the rules we have introduced in order to keep our team and our customers safe: 

  • Cleaning your hands as much as possible 
  • Not shaking hands during greetings or goodbyes
  • Keep yourselves at a distance from one another and our customers 
  • Wearing a surgical mask (by customers’ request) 
  • Wearing disposable gloves (by customers’ request). 

We do not show window samples during in-home consultations at this time and we are doing our best to accommodate outside consultations, however, it is not always possible. 

We almost always need to come inside in order to measure the windows, especially if it is a two-story house. Sometimes, it is possible to take rough measurements by measuring just the window openings, and in some cases that would be enough to provide an accurate estimate. 

We have been asked if it would be possible for the customers to measure the windows themselves and provide us with the numbers, but it is not a good idea. One of the reasons is that the homeowners are not familiar with the glass tempering codes and other technical details that are critical for a successful window replacement. 

Whether you are ready to start your window replacement project now or have questions about replacing windows during COVID-19 pandemic, give us a call at 832-483-3249. 

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