Summer is here. The summer months come with a unique set of challenges and people usually need to make lifestyle changes to stay safe and healthy during this period. For people in Houston, the double whammy of high heat and high humidity can be a big concern, with the average high temperature reaching 95°F (35°C) at the peak of August. Houston is mostly sunny and bright over the year and records about 2578 hours of annual sunshine.

Utility bills tend to go through the roof during summer because trying to keep the house cool during hot weather can cost a lot of extra money. If your air conditioner needs to work for several hours to keep a comfortably cool indoor temperature, it could drill a hole in your pocket.

One way to stop this from happening is to get the right window in your house as you prepare to welcome summer. Doing this will not only help you save cost on your utility bills, you can enjoy a cool and healthy indoor air without overworking your AC. In addition, when you get the right window installed, you can block the usual neighborhood noise that occurs during summer due to the construction works that typically take place during this period.

What Are The Best Types Of Windows For Houston Summer?

The best windows for summer are energy saving windows. These are high-quality windows that use all the latest innovations in energy-efficient materials and design. They help keep the heat out and the cool air inside, as well as blocking harmful UV rays and preventing drafts among other things from breaking through.

When looking to install energy efficient windows, there are key features to pay attention to so you can be sure you are getting the real deal. They include:

Quality Glass

It is important to ensure that your replacement windows are made of high quality glass and have adequate argon gas. Argon gas helps to maximize the energy efficiency ratings that the windows end up with. It boosts the “R” value of the windows’ glass. A high quality glass is key to stopping those harmful UV rays from breaking through.

Weather Stripping

This is one vital feature that energy saving windows should have. The weather stripping is that first line that the windows have to insulate the interior of your home, prevent water from getting in and drafts from passing through.


The Low-E is a reflective coating that is added to the glass inside of the window which facilitates its energy efficiency ability. The Low-E coating is designed to reflect the sun back to where it came from. This helps to keep the heat outside of your home during the summer months. Additionally, it protects your belongings from getting damaged by UV rays.

Where To Find The Best Windows Replacement Company In Houston

You probably don’t have the expertise and experience to choose high quality energy efficient windows, this is why you need to use the services of professionals with multiple years of experience to get the job done correctly. One of the best windows replacement companies in Houston is Vizion Windows and Doors. They specialize in installing high quality energy efficient windows in Houston  and can help you fix the best windows to beat the coming sweltering summer.

Vizion Windows’ FREE consultation will help you decide on the best and most appropriate windows for your house. For more information on how to book your FREE consultation, visit their website: or call them on: (832) 483-3249

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