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If it’s time to replace or repair your siding, then one of the first steps is identifying a shortlist of local Houston siding contractors to handle the job. But if you’ve sped through the process and are close to hiring a contractor, you probably haven’t taken enough time to consider what you’re getting into. Not all siding contractors are who they say they are and you need to be a little more meticulous in the vetting process.

5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

The issue with hiring a siding contractor is that you’ve probably never done it before, and may not ever have to do it again in the future. So, it’s not something that you know about from experience or can really look at intuitively.

With that being said, you can avoid hiring the wrong siding contractor by watching out for the following warning signs:

1. No Real Reviews

Would you hire a photographer to take your wedding pictures without checking out images from some of the previous weddings they’ve shot? Would you spend money at a five-star restaurant without reading a few reviews? If the answer to these two questions is no, then you also shouldn’t hire a siding contractor without some research.

A good contractor will be able to provide you with some pictures and images from previous siding jobs, as well as reviews and testimonials from past clients. If they can’t provide this information, or attempt to write it off as unnecessary, you’re probably dealing with a siding contractor whose past work doesn’t speak very highly of them.

2. No Proof of Insurance

The laws regarding contractor licenses, registration, and insurance vary from municipality to municipality, but every honest and trustworthy siding contractor will have documentation of these credentials readily available to anyone who asks. If you encounter a siding contractor who won’t show you a physical proof of insurance, you should be wary of doing business with them.

“Failing to hire an insured, licensed and street-legal contractor could potentially cost you everything you own. If the worst happens, you could be sued into bankruptcy, and most state laws only allow you to keep a very limited amount of wealth or property once you declare bankruptcy,” property management expert Jason Van Steenwyk explains. “Most homeowners insurance policies specifically exclude damages arising from the work of unlicensed contractors, so they will not protect you.”

3. Not Local to Houston

Have you ever seen Meredith Wilson’s musical, The Music Man? It’s about a con man named Harold Hill who goes from town to town selling children musical instruments and uniforms. He promises to train the young boys into members of a new band, only to skip town after getting his money. While he finally meets his match in River City, Iowa, the takeaway is that con men never sit still for long.

If you find yourself interacting with a siding contractor who has just moved to town, you should be critical. The contractor could be as honest as they come, but be wary of the fact that he could be new for a reason. Always do your research and, as a rule of thumb, work with contractors who have a preexisting reputation in and around Houston.

4. They Ask for Too Much Up Front

If a siding contractor asks for strange payment arrangements, your ears should perk up. This is especially true if they ask for too much money upfront or cash-only payments. A professional contractor worth his salt shouldn’t need money upfront to finance the project. They should have enough previous business to sustain them until the job is complete. If they don’t, this tells you something about how they choose to run their business.

The issue with asking for a cash-only payment is pretty self-explanatory. This indicates that they have something to hide and don’t want a paper trail. In other words, this isn’t a contractor you want to get involved with.

5. Aggressive Sales Pitch

Most siding contractors will come out to your property, examine the house, run some numbers, and then sit down with you to discuss the job and provide a pitch and estimate. A contractor who is confident in his work will slowly walk you through the numbers and try to pitch you on his past experience and good reputation. He may use some sales tactics, but the overall tone will be relaxed and comfortable.

If you get a siding contractor who is aggressive and over-the-top, something is up. They are obviously trying to close a sale as quickly as possible because they aren’t confident in their work. Don’t fall for their tactics and promptly ask them to leave. There’s no place for pressure-tactics in this industry.


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The siding on your home is one of the first things visitors notice. If it’s in good repair and looks great, it makes a strong, positive first impression that sticks with them. If they see sagging or peeling siding, it tells a different story.

You can depend on Vizion Windows & Doors for prompt, professional siding installation. We’ll make your residential property look fantastic by replacing your siding with new, quality siding that gives you excellent performance. Contact us today for your FREE estimate.

High-Quality James Hardie Materials

We’re proud to install high-quality materials from James Hardie:
  • HardiePlank
  • HardieShingle
  • HardiePanel
  • HardieTrim
  • HardieSoffit
James Hardie products are engineered to be attractive, last for a long time, and provide you with a wide range of benefits.
  • Resistance to cracking in hot conditions or rotting in wet or damp climates
  • Fire prevention product by resisting flame spread, specifically in locations where noncombustible construction is required
  • Resistance to insect-related damage, including termites and other wood eaters
  • Resistance to rotting, warping, cracking, buckling, and swelling
  • Unaffected by humidity, heat, salt spray, and hail
To learn more about protecting your home and making it look outstanding with new siding, call Vizion Windows & Doors at 832-483-3249 today.
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